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Stone Color

Subdivided by colour:
780 perfect reproductions of the most important natural stones of the world
collected in an original volume in the format of 30x18 cm.

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Optimized format, updated according to the latest market trends.
The usual attention to graphic details and the precision of photographic reproductions

Specific sequence of stones on each page,
lateral heading to highlight the features, facilitate consultation
and quickly identify the most suitable material for each project.

For each stone all the information about
the type of material, origin, availability, prevailing market and the physical-mechanical properties:
from breaking strength to compression, to weight per unit volume

Stone Color

all the most important stones in the world organized by colour
in an elegant cardboard book
An essential tool for architects and designers to discover the wonder of natural stones


Stone Color

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book details

reproduced stones: 780
single stone print format: cm 5x4,5
general info and physical-mechanical properties: yes
size book closed: cm. 301x18
number of pages: 120
package: cardboard


1 copy: euro 60,00
20 copies: from euro 42,00 cad
50 copies: from euro 36,00 cad
100 copies: from euro 30,00 cad
250 copies: from euro 25,00 cad

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Stone Color

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