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For over 25 years

we have collaborated with the major companies of the stone market all over the world,
to present and promote their products and their ideas

Our digital archive of natural stone images

with more than 1000 impeccable high-resolution
photographic reproductions for printing and web publishing
is the most complete collection of natural stones in the world

Our publications, our catalogues and our digital proposals

are a reference for all the architects and designers of the world
and for all the stone processing companies collaborating with them



unique and accurate collections of natural stones in two elegant volumes
for the knowledge and appreciation of stones, meant for all the architects and designers of the world

Natural Stone Gallery

Stone Color


free use of more than 1000 precise shots of natural stones for your next catalogue.
Utmost care of graphic design, assistance in the pre-printing and printing phases





connect to our digital archive and starting from only EUR 19 per month
all the images of natural stones are ready to be published on your website
along with all the information as well as physical-mechanical properties

Stone WebPack


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